In the complex world of strata insurance, StrataRatings provides you with unbiased information on what cover you are really getting.


We evaluate two product types.


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Residential policies provide protection for Owners Corporations that are mostly residential. Most insurers will issue a residential policy for schemes that are made up of 20% or less commercial unit space.



Commercial policies provide protection for Owners Corporations that have a significant portion of units being used as commercial spaces. Most insurers will issue a commercial policy for buildings with more than 20% commercial unit space.

Relying on others to correctly insure a large asset is a big risk.


Most strata insurance policies are upward of fifty pages long. If individuals were to evaluate five different policy options, it would be like reading a full length novel - a very complicated novel that requires the reader to envisage how slight wording nuances could put the claim entitlement at risk.

StrataRatings uses expert knowledge and industry experience to conduct a factual analysis to assist in simplifying your evaluation process. Come renewal time, a review of quoted prices against our ratings will allow quick evaluation of policy value.



Turning words into numbers.


By analysing historical claims data, we know when a particular clause actually means something for an Owners Corporation or whether it is just clever marketing. We systematically review each policy benefit and give it a weighting as to the likelihood of a payout based on actual claims data. Broader policy exclusions and conditions are then considered before a final rating is established.



Brokers make things easy but have their own risks


The easiest thing to do at renewal time is ask an Insurance Broker to arrange the Owners Corporations' policy. As with all things, there are risks in using others that have their own financial motivations.

Understanding that Brokers receive varied levels of commission from different insurers, it is best practice to ensure they disclose all of the quotes they have obtained and the commissions each insurer has offered them. Full disclosure of financial incentives is a must.

If however you are a Strata Committee member or Strata Manager that is serious about one of the schemes biggest expenses, it pays to learn it yourself. Not only will you get good value at renewal time but you will also know when you can claim.

Become the insurance expert.